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Betting Guides - Acebet99

Here at Acebet99, you have the ability to get the most comprehensive guide and tips for betters. We spent countless hours in finding the tips and guidelines which can help our members place a right bet. Now, we want to share all of that with you so you are completely ready to start betting as soon as possible.

Tips like choosing the best betting provider obviously won’t be present here. We are the betting companion you are going to need and we will assist you with any matter you can possibly have, so be free to use our services today.

Decide why you want to bet

The first point here is to decide why and how you want to bet. Are you betting only for profit or for fun? Is the answer both? This will help you choose the most suitable games and sports which are just perfect for your purpose. Yes, betting is similar in both case scenarios, but there are some differences. If you are betting for profits, you will have to think more, place a bet carefully and only on the team which will likely win the game. The same goes if you place a bet in casino games. For instance, you will only play European Roulette, due to the fact it has better winning odds and it eliminates massive losses. If you want to bet for fun, you won’t think a lot on which team you want to place a bet. You will do this for your favorite team and you will want to win, obviously. You will also play any casino game which looks appealing to you.

Choose important games when possible

At any given moment, you will be able to place a bet on an important game. This simply means that you will choose a game which is extremely important for both players and both teams. The best example is the World Cup. Each game is more than just important and the betting odds are phenomenal. But, when you choose to bet on important games, you also get a much better winning profit. This can’t be generalized, but the differences are massive and you can get impressive winning within seconds. The last but not least, you will also be able to get more tips, better odds and more useful data about both teams. Let’s face it, all people like the World Cup.

Bet on your favorite but only if they have the right odds

This is probably the biggest mistake all betters make at some point. Basically, you will bet on your favorite team, regardless of the fact are they going to win the game or lose it. You like them and you wish them to win, so why not support them by placing a bet on the team? This is a mistake due to so many different reasons. Keep in mind that you won’t support your team by placing a bet on them. They don’t have anything to do with betting. You must be realistic if you are planning to win a bet or you will lose money just by placing it on the less-probable team to win. The bottom line is that you must stay objective regardless of the fact is that team your favorite or not. The favorite in betting is a team which has better odds!

Perform 45 hours per week of research

In order to know which team will win the game and how to get a profit, you will have to know all about the particular team and all about the history, combinations, strategy and etc. In order to get all of that, you must do one thing, research. All experts will tell you that 45 hours of research per week is just enough and we agree on that claim. But, a more important matter is what to research! We will advise you to play a close attention to the past 15-20 games of the particular team. Look the formation, the strategy, and the end result. Learn how they work in a particular situation and how well they can play. Also, make sure you know how they play under pressure. After that, you can easily deduce which team will be the most probable winner.

Understand the particular sport

We know that for some of you, this will be the same tip as the previous one, but there is a massive difference. The previous tip tells you to study the game and the advanced elements of the team. This one helps you create a base of knowledge about a particular sport. For example, we all know that Formula 1 racing cars go to the pit stop. But not all of you will know why they must go! In essence, you must become a professional regarding that particular sport. You must know all about it and you must understand how the rules work. This is simply essential for any form of betting and it is the base for all other tips. Without it, you won’t be able to place a suitable bet!

Choose the most suitable time frame

You all believe that placing a bet is the same regardless of the time when you actually do it. It isn’t. In some cases, you may get a much better odd if you place a bet 2 hours before the game start. This is a well-known fact simply because bookers want to get the most and want to get as many betters as possible. A good thing is that here at Acebet99 we will always do all of that instead of you. We will help you choose the best sport for your requirements and the best time to place a bet, so you can relax and enjoy your profit.

Bigger or smaller bets: Which is which?

You will have to know that there are two main types of bets. The first is small bets which have lower winning odds but the profit is huge. The second type of bets is the ones with a lower profit, but higher winning odds. At the end of a day, both of these bets are the same and they have the same risk and they are basically the same. As such, you don’t have to waste your time in making the choice. As you were able to see, both of these bets are the same with the same pros and cons. Still, most of you will prefer bigger bets, simply because they look more appealing and less risky.

Listen to your brain, not the heart

The heart may be the thing to listen in so many cases, but betting isn’t one of them. When you are thinking on which team you need to place a bet and how much, listen to your brain. If you listen to the heart, you will always end up betting on your favorite. If you recall, we mentioned that this is the most common mistake of them all and it must be avoided at all cost. When you listen to the brain, you will basically place a safe and calculated bet, which is the main secret of so many professionals. By using this tip, the possibilities are endless and massive.

Always have a budget for betting

Before you even start betting, you will have to set up a budget. It can be as low as $10 or extremely high, it is up to you. But, you will use that budget only and you will have to withdraw only winnings. By using this principle, you are making a free profit and you will significantly decrease the risk of losing your money. It may be the most important tip for some of you and it is definitely something to keep into consideration. A budget can be a daily budget, meaning that that amount of money will be used in one day. It can also be weekly or monthly budget and as such you will use the amount of money in question in the given period only.

Bet on less-known sports

A separate matter to discuss is less-known sports. For example, MMA isn’t one of them, but it was less-known until recently and it is still a sport which many betters avoid, due to obvious reasons. However, betting on MMA fighters can help you win big money at any given moment. The odds are impressive and the research is easy to conduct. We gave you one example only, but there are countless other sports and elements to consider. You shall always look for other, less-known sports to bet on as soon as they are launched. By doing this, you can get the best winning odds and the highest profit.

The final word

We believe that our guide is there to assist you with all the issues you may have. If there is still something unknown, be free to contact our customer support and get the answer as soon as possible. We promise that your question will be answered on the same day you asked us.