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Best Casino Games that You Should Play

One of the things that most gamblers do not like about casinos is that they are money pits. You need to invest money in order to make money from gambling. However, you do not necessarily have to start with big investments. There are many, equally popular, casino games that can be played without much investment. In this article, we are going to talk about some of these games.

The games like craps and some of the table games are known to offer the best odds, and you can manage to save money if you are a little careful.

Casino Games That Won’t Cost You Much


Yes, the most famous casino table game is also one of the best money makers. Also known as Twenty-One, Blackjack is considered one of the only casino games that are actually beatable. Card counting is the most successful blackjack technique. Even though this is not an illegal technique, most casinos do not like players who count cards. So, you will have to be very careful while doing it.

Even if you do not follow or cannot follow the card counting strategy in blackjack, the game still gives you a better edge over house than any other table casino games.


The reason why poker is considered a moneymaker game for players is that casinos do not pay much attention to their poker tables since they do not have much investment at stake. The poker game is played with players’ money and casino will still get their commission no matter who wins.

Your success at poker depends on how good you are at reading people. This is why experience and knowledge matter more in this game. Expert poker players are usually good at reading people’s expressions and actions, which is the best strategy for winning this game.


The main reason why craps is a good option for low-budget players is that the minimum betting amount is usually as low as $1 in craps and you won’t lose much money even if you continue betting small for long hours. On the other hand, if you place the same bet in a pull slot machine for the same period of time, you will lose much more money.

The major point to remember while playing craps is to keep a control on your betting budget. The excitement and energy of a craps table may often compel you to bet more than you want. Craps is also the second best casino game in terms of odds, which are as high as 50 percent.

Penny Slots

If you are bored of table games or simply don’t like them, your best option is to go and play on a slot machine. But not at a regular slot machine as it takes more than what it gives and odds are usually not in your favour. The best slot machine for you to play on when you are looking not to invest much is penny slots. The simple reason why this machine cannot take much of your money is that you are only giving a penny at a time. You can continue playing for as long as you want and leave without losing much, even if you do not win.

Video Poker

If you are tired of losing money at slots, video poker is the next best option for you. You can make good money at this game if you are willing to learn a proper video poker strategy. Even many experts believe that video poker can actually make you rich if you know the right strategy, which you can study and learn. This is the reason why expert poker players can manage to reduce the house edge by playing in a specific manner.

Progressive Slots

Slots is the worst casino game in terms of investment. It has bad odds and you will certainly lose money before you can win some. But what if you are a fan of this game? Well, there is the option of penny slots (as we mentioned above). Another option is to play progressive slots, which is recommended only if you are really rich as you will lose money really fast at this game. The only reason to play progressive slots is that the jackpot is very high and get even higher as more people play it.

Slots at Airports and resorts

Slots at confined places like airports and cruise ships are not at all good, as they offer the worst odds due to the lack of competition. The higher the competition, the better are the odds. This is why casinos in Las Vegas and other popular areas are known to offer the best odds at slots. However, slots are meant to have more house edge and you will eventually lose money at this game, no matter how great the odds are.

These are some of the casino games that can actually make your casino visit happy and worth it. If you are looking for more, you should definitely try one of the online casinos. They are fast, reliable, trustworthy and usually offer better odds than any traditional casino.