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A Guide to Make Money via Betting on Golf

Golf is a very popular game, in terms of fun and betting. There are three basic types of bet that can be made in a golf game. We will discuss all these types along with some useful tips for golf betting. Many golf tournaments would allow you to bet on your favourite golfer. The bet placed on a golf match is called a Field. You can take help of any online sportsbook that supports betting on golf to start with it.

You can choose any type of bet on any of the golfers in the given betting field. The golfers with the least probability of winning will be given the lowest odds, however, the winning payouts may be higher for them. If you have already been involved in any other type of sports betting, you won’t find it hard to learn to bet on golf. Many sportsbooks and also some online sports betting sites offer different kinds of line options for different golfers and allow you to place different types of wagers on an event. In this article, we will be sharing some tips to help you find the best betting options and odds for golf.

Types of bets on Golf

There are the following three types of bets one can place in a golf match.

  • A bet or lay on a particular golfer to win the game.
  • A bet on a golfer to make it to one of the top three places.
  • A bet on a golfer to end higher than another golfer.

The third type of bet, commonly known as head-to-head, is placed between two golf players. The place in which your golfer finishes doesn’t matter as long as he finishes better than the other golfer. This type of bet is not very common in the game of golf.

Types of tournaments for Golf Betting

Betting is practiced in almost every major golf tournament around the world. It might not be legal in some regions but is still allowed through online sportsbook sites. You can place bets on all these major and even on your local golf matches through any of the local or global online sportsbooks. First, you need to find a good online sportsbook site that supports betting on your favourite golf tournaments. These sites will also have the list of all the ongoing and upcoming golf tournaments where you can bet.

Some of the best golf championships include the four majors – Masters (played in April), the PGA Championship (in August), the U.S. Open (in June), and the British Open (in July), all of which are part of the famous PGA Tour and PGA European Tour. These tours operate throughout the world, covering all variants of the game in all places. So, you can play wagers on your favourite golf matches from anywhere in the world.

There are also four World Championship tournaments in golf that are played only by the top golf players in the world. These events are – the Accenture Match Play (in February), the three stroke play event (or Cadillac Championship, in March), the Bridgestone Invitation (in August), and the HSBC Champions event (in November). All these events and some more form the best golf betting markets.

Stroke play tournaments are another famous events for golf betting. These tournaments involve four rounds of golf that are played over four days, usually starting from Thursday. The final score is calculated by adding the scores of all 4 rounds, and the winner is the golfer with fewer strokes.

Types of golf betting markets

A golf betting market refers to the type or category of bet on an event. There are a number of betting markets through which you can bet on golf. Some of the most popular golf betting markets are listed below.

  • The winner market is the biggest market of any golf event
  • The Top five finish market
  • Top Ten Finish market
  • Victory Margin market
  • First Round Leader
  • 3 balls market
  • 2-ball market

How to bet on golf?

Both backing and laying (and sometimes both) are supported in golf betting. You can back a player to win the particular event, or you can lay a player for the same. Most online sportsbook sites will allow you to make all these kinds of bets on your favourite golf tournaments. Alternatively, you can choose to just trade instead of backing or laying a particular player as it is less risky. You should explore all the possibilities and choose the kind of bet that suits your the best.

Learn the basics: Before you can start betting on golf, you should get yourself familiar with the basics of this game, including how golf is played, what the rules are, the top golf tournaments, top golf courses in the world, top golf players and their statistics, and more.

Choose a sportsbook: Once you are done with the research part, you can start to bet. For that, you will need to find a reliable and trustworthy sportsbook, online or offline. Joining an online golf sportsbook is usually a better idea as you get access to more game options and betting markets with better winning opportunities.

Know the strategies: As you know, the result of a golf match depends on a number of variables, such as the weather conditions, the golf course, and the players. Some of these you can control while things like weather you cannot control or even predict accurately. So, you should concentrate on getting familiar with the courses and the players.

Check the stats: Before choosing a golfer to bet on, you should check the stats of different golfers in different games on the particular course. If a golfer is consistently performing well at the course, he/she is likely to play well in the next game as well.

Last but not least, you should watch the game of your selected golfers to learn their techniques and how they perform in that particular field. Do not forget to check the online leaderboards for the latest stats. Take help of your online sportsbook site for tips and guides to make better bets.

Tips for betting on Golf

  • Try finding the best line to bet on.
  • Explore the websites of individual golf courses to learn about their previous event’s statistics to get more clues.
  • Get to know the players (and their stats) before choosing one to bet on.
  • Explore golf websites and blogs to learn about the game.
  • Choose a good, reliable sportsbook for betting.

Golf is an easy game to play and understand, but it can become quite hard when it comes to betting on golf as it is not easy to predict the outcomes of such games, mainly because of the ever-changing weather conditions. When you bet on golf, do it responsibly and keep a proper control of your betting budget.