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Know The Reasons Why Casino Card Tables are Green

As we all know that in current time Casinos are a large part of our modern society and increase their numbers depends on Casino’s potential.

To maintain this possibility almost every detail of Casino must be fulfilled. The poker card table’s green color is also one of the key points taken care.

Casinos are Arranged by a Reason

The moment you entered a casino you need to have a look at the layout the way casinos are designed and arranged. The aspects casino floor, the design of the room, the lack of windows and natural daylight, the absence of any clocks, the sound effects and color schemes, plus the subtle factors such as free drinks and complimentary offers are there for a reason. You can’t say players are being manipulated. But it is the best chance for making money as much as possible.

Why are Tables Green?

One of the prominent things you may have noticed in casinos is green colour on card tables. The first thought in your mind could be that this is the way it is as remembering the snooker tables are also green. The colour of the table is made intentionally so it will always be the same.

It is our innocence that we are taking it in another way but the colour of online casino table is a strategic way to fulfill their planned objective. You may not aware about the colour psychology which is the reasoning behind the whole game and much more away from your imagination when you look at the colour first time.

The intentionally put green colour on casino table arouses the feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Psychological Game

The use of green colour on the Casinos table is not by chance, deeper inside it is a big psychological game in order to create an intimidating atmosphere in place where money is being gambled amongst complete strangers. Also, the green colour represents stability and can mix up easily with the warm colours such as yellow, orange, red, and the cool colors of blue and purple that as per the theory make players feel comfortable in the setting of live casinos.

Other than this, the green colour considered as a positive colour as we see it in traffic lights colours. There it represents the action of “go” to command vehicles move. We can make use of green in the casinos in the similar way that makes players to be ok to sit at the table calmly or use instincts to go with their careful decisions making.

Contrary to Eastern Culture

Western people believe green is the colour of wealth and prosperity which is extremely opposite of what eastern people follow. In eastern culture, the red is the colour of wealth and luck. Also, the things related to finance and money around us divulge the same as the profits in financial spread sheets showcase in green, bank notes are green and much more.

so with the green colour on casino table and contrasting colours in the ambience, they want the players to keep exact mentality in their mind and feel ok in online gambling their money on the table, with a positive attitude that they can win and become wealthier since entrance.

Facts About Baize

Baize, a dyed green material that is made look like grass lawn was originally used on snooker tables. As its texture slows down the speed of balls assisting the planned strategies and maintaining the stream of the game. Later on, it was started using on poker tables that helps dealer in sliding cards easily to the players across the table.

While its use on card game tables has a logical and hidden reason. As it allows players write on the table in chalk during an illegal card game is on baize table and in an emergency like a raid by law enforcement officers, the chalk can easily be wiped out and there would be no evidence of a game taking place.

Know the reality about green

Well, the green colour of casino tables is popular and traditional. but now the scenarios has been changed as the casinos have been modernised and moved to a next level. They started using different colour schemes such as blue and red on card tables within casinos.

coincidently, there is no connection between colour philosophy and colour on casino tables. Though there could be any reason behind the green colour of card table, it’s not like the different colour like red and blue table will not give you the same feel. these are just talks in actual the casinos ambience is made to manipulate people and still, we love it happily.